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As time permits we will post some notes FROM THE EDITOR to prospective and on board authors. These will be tips, comments, general advice and observations about the publishing process and about submissions. We hope you take the time to read these comments as they are aimed at assisting you get published and to improve your writing. 


You won’t hear from me often (it’s rare that I have a chance to just sit and spin!), but I thought I’d take a break from cover design/interior mock up to share some thoughts.

First of all, response to our opening up for submissions has been fantastic! We’ve received some incredible manuscripts and have sent contracts to more than a handful of dynamic new authors. We’re excited, and hope that they are, too!

Unfortunately, we’ve had to reject a few, too, or send them back for editing. Which really brings me to the point of this message. I’ve said it, I’ve heard it echoed throughout the world: you really cannot edit your own manuscript effectively. You’re almost always going to see what you meant, not what you wrote. It takes a reasonable amount of intelligence to write a book; it’s a labor-intensive process. Do yourself a favor. Ask someone else to read it for you. Or hire a pro. Yes, professional editing can be expensive, but there are companies out there that are reasonable, or more than reasonable. Search them out. Compare rates. Talk to them. I absolutely hate sending the “it needs to be edited; you have typos galore; do you even own a dictionary?” message to anyone, let alone someone who has poured their heart and soul into their work, as I think most every author does. No doubt about it, there are going to be things that slip by -- it happens to everyone, even the best.

That “first impression” when we review your work is hugely important. You’ve spent months, perhaps years, on your manuscript -- take that extra couple of days to have it proof read by someone.

A few other points to consider are word length and pricing. Fictional works that are in the 20k word range are often termed Novellas. The market for such works are a bit limited. We may do some of them but know that longer works are more desired. Non-fiction is different and is more marketable even if they are somewhat shorter. In terms of pricing, check Amazon and see what books of your size and content are selling for. This will give you an idea of how we will price the books we publish. If your submission is on the low side of length, it would have to be priced accordingly to be competitive; assuming equal quality.